Beltsville Speedway
by Larry Jendras, Jr.

April 24, 1966
The "guest" pace car from Southside Speedway leads the Modified Sportsman feature down Beltsville's frontstretch. The #90 of Sonny Hutchins is on the pole with the #33 of Bill Dennis on the outside. 
(Bob Williams Photo)

April 24, 1966
The field follows the pace car into turn one. 
(Bob Williams Photo)
Beltsville Speedway Champions
1965 Runt Harris (MOD) Lennie Pond (SPT) Bob Warren (LMM)
1966 Bill Dennis (MOD) Harold Fetterolf (LMS) Dave Molinari (LMM)
1967 Charlie Wierman (LMM) Kirk McCauley (LMS) Buddy Young (LS)
1968 Bobby Ballentine (LMS) Jack Hite (LS) Dave Alexander (CAD)
1969 Charlie Wierman (LMS) Fred Wiggington (LS) John Tutz (CAD)
1970 Jimmy Mairs (LMS) Ralph Whalen (LS/CAD) ---
1971 Reds Kagle (LMS) Danny Collins (LS) ---
1972 Reds Kagle (LMS) Jack Bland (LS) ---
1973 Reds Kagle (LMS) Jack Bland (LS) ---
1974 Mike Gray (LMS) Jack Bland (LS) ---
1975 Reds Kagle (LMS) Wes Troup (LS) ---
1976 Jack Bland (LMS) Tom Wagner (LS) Charlie Folks (SS)
1977 Jack Bland (LMS) Bill Green (LS) Danny Bennett (SS)
1978 Jack Bland (LMS) Doug Hartley (LS) Danny Bennett (SS)
(MOD) - Modified
(SPT) - Sportsman
(LMM) - Late Model Modified
(LMS) - Late Model Sportsman
(LS) - Limited Sportsman
(CAD) - Cadet
(LS/CAD) - Limited Sportsman & Cadet
(SS) - Street Stock

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