Mike Feltenberger's Photo Collection 

Mike first attended auto races by sitting in the backstretch at the Reading Fairgrounds in 1958. He later became  a local racing photographer, starting in 1971. Mike also recently purchased the photo collection of noted racing photographer Bob Zellers. 

Mike was the last recipient of the Photographer of the Year award from the Reading Fairgrounds and still takes racing photos at various speedways throughout the East Coast. Mike was a substitute turn official at the Reading Fairgrounds and at East Windsor during the Vicari years. He was also the assistant starter at Grandview from 1989 till 2000. He is currently the chief starter at Big Diamond Raceway. 

Mike's other credits include having been the photo editor for 3 years at Keystone Auto News and still has an association with AARN, Gater, Speedway Scene, NSSN, Trackside Magazine and Flat Out Magazine. His all-time favorite driver is Gerald Chamberlain.

All photos by Mike Feltenberger and the Feltenberger Collection

Bobby Bottcher in the #666 - 1971 -  Nazareth.
The 666's were some of the sharpest looking cars of their time.

Bobby Bottcher in the #8 at Reading. This car might have been one of the 1st "Rent-a-Racers"on the East Coast. 5 different drivers were in this car in roughly 12 weeks.

Kenny Brightbill in the #19 at Reading. The Shillington Slingshot built many different cars, but the radical driver seat position in his modifieds never changed.

Gary Butler in the U2. This car was one of the fastest cars down the straightaways but the turns were a different story. Butler was probably most famous for his Daniel Boone thrill ride.

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