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Unfortunately, the men and women who were the pioneers of the sport of motor racing didn't realize they were creating important history. Sadly, many of what little records were kept have been lost. If you have researched the history of a former race track, or if you have statistics, photos or other information on a track that someone else is researching, this is the place to share it. It's up to us to preserve this history!

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Cup Speedway
Submitted by Bob Joos 

Cup Speedway was located in Baumstown, Pa and  ran from 4/30/39 to around 7/28/40. It was located on Philadelphia Pike, which is Route 422. The track sat around where Route 422 West and Route 82 meet. Back at the time, 422 was a two lane highway, which would have been what Route 422 East is today. The track was around 1/2 mile in length. 

Classes of races were Model T's , 1928-32 4 cylinder Ford Roadsters and Touring cars and Stock cars, which were cars from the years 1918 to 1933. Races were run on Sunday's and the starting time was usually between 1:00 - 2:00 pm. The program was billed as Jalopy Races and were promoted by Charles H. Kauffman. Admission was between 25 to 35 cents. The days events included time trials, 3 heat races and a 10-lap feature race. Prizes were awarded to heat and feature winners.

Drivers who ran at the track include John Lenczden, Paul Reed, Harry Moyer, Paul Althouse, Ted Horn, Carl Koller, Nelson Beyer, Ernie Musser, James Pomeroy, Herbet Landis, Fred Jones, John Hines, Irvan Roush, Jimmy Mal, Wally Maurer, Woodie Gehret and Art Snyder, just to name a few.  

On October 5, 1999, I had the pleasure to conduct a phone interview with John Lenczden, who was 80 yrs. old at the time. Here a few excerpts from my interview.  

"The track wasn't level...the front stretch was level but when you would go into the 1st and second turns, the track would go down hill and then level off when you came thru the 3rd and 4th turns into the front stretch. I remember winning a race one time and was awarded a chicken for my prize... another time I won a ring of bologna. I won quite a few features and the most money I ever won was 3 dollars. The track was basically just plowed out of a field and I remember it being real dusty. To get my way around, I would just follow around where the dust was the thickest. The cars were stock. They had 4-cylinder engines and we would just knock the fenders off and race them. When I raced, I was supposed to be 21 but I was only 19.  Maple Grove Drag Way used to be Brecknock Speedway... A 1/2 mile dirt track...I ran that twice. I also ran Sanatoga two or three times also. This was at the same time I was racing at Cup."

Limerick Race Track
Submitted by Bob Joos 

Limerick Race Track was located in Limerick, Pa., at the intersection of Ridge Pike (422 Business), Swamp Pike and Lewis Road. The track was located in a field behind a building that was at one time a State Police Office. 

The track was a 1/3 mile dirt oval that was plowed out in a farm field. Races consisted of Big Cars, Midgets, Stock Cars and Jalopies. The track ran from September 7, 1941 to October 12, 1941. 

There was a Diner on the corner of Ridge Pike and Swamp Pike. When the races were held, there was so much dust, it would drift over towards to the Diner, causing the Diner to be covered with dust. Because of this , the track was forced to shut down. 

Drivers who ran at Limerick Raceway included Doug Stearly, Al Gordon, Elwood Albright, Bill McConnell, Pat Rooney, Harry Hutchinson, Tom Pierson, Al Barnes, Art Cunningham, Bill McCoy and Henry Mallor. 

The track was promoted by Benjamin Brown and John Tyson. Limerick is located East of Sanatoga and West of Trappe/Collegeville.   

L.A.M. Stadium...aka Norristown Speedway
Submitted by Bob Joos 

Located in the Black Horse section of Norristown, Pa.  The track ran Midget races from 5/31/39 to 9/9/39 The track was located on Fairfield Road between Jefferson St. and Lucetta St. The area today is now John F. Kennedy park and the grounds for the Sacred heart Church. The track is suppose to have sat behind the church area. 

The track was a 1/5 mile dirt oval. The grounds at the time were owned by the L.A.M. Lodge of Norristown and the races were promoted by Irvin "Ives" Bostin The grandstands were able to hold 3,500 people and the races were held on Friday nights. 

Drivers who ran the oval included George Fonder, Mike Sanfelice, Charley Breslin, Dutch Culp, Johnny Favinger, Johnny Jarz, Red Lapworth, Johnny Sweetwood, Al Pierce, Walt Gregory, Art Bruderick, Elmer Sefcick, Doc Shanbrook, Moon Mullen, Ted Hartley, Bill Baker, Rex Records and Art Cross, just to name a few. 

The track ran on Friday nights from 5/31/39 up to 7/8/39 and then closed due to renovations to made to the track. Racing resumed on 8/21/39 and lasted up till 9/8/39. On this night, the races were called off due to very poor attendance and the track never ran a race again. For what reasons, I was not able to find out why.


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